Welcome! My name is Dejan Baca

I am Security Researcher & Programmer

  • Born and raised in Sweden

/// Thesis


Developing Secure Software - in an Agile Process Link to research page.


Automated static code analysis - A tool for early vulnerability detection Link to research page.

Master degree

Software Security Analysis - Managing source code audit Link to research page.

/// Journal Publications

Improving software security with static automated code analysis in an industry setting

Software: Practice and Experience Link to research page.

Countermeasure Graphs for Security Risk Assessment: An Action Research

Manuscript submitted to Journal of Systems and Software Link to research page.

Integrating security engineering in an Agile process

Manuscript submitted to Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology Link to research page.

/// Conference Publications

Agile development with security engineering activities Link to research page.

Identifying Security Relevant Warnings from Static Code Analysis Tools through Code Tainting Link to research page.

Prioritizing Countermeasures through the Countermeasure Method for Software Security (CM-Sec) Link to research page.

Static Code Analysis to Detect Software Security Vulnerabilities - Does Experience Matter? Link to research page.

The Waterfall Model in Large-Scale Development. Link to research page.

Detecting Defects with an Interactive Code Review Tool Based on Visualisation and Machine Learning. Link to research page.

Evaluating the cost reduction of static code analysis for software security. Link to research page.

Software Security Analysis - Execution Phase Audit. Link to research page.

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Ph.D Thesis

Developing secure software - In an agile process

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Licentiate thesis

Automated static code analysis - A tool for early vulnerability detection

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Code43: Urban Warfare

A first person shooter game that I was an active developer for.

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Mars: No Mercy

A isometric turn-based strategy game that I was an active developer for.

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An open-source Android application I have contributed to.

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Mobile Positioning System

A vital part of Ericsson’s Location Based Services solution, the Mobile Positioning System supports complementary positioning methods for 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

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Wallet Platform

Ericsson Wallet Platform, a secure, convenient, fast and affordable way to; Store, transfer and withdraw money; Make payments via a mobile phone; Conduct banking transactions.

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Multi Activation

Ericsson Multi Activation is a well-proven, scalable platform that provides the key link between the Business Support System (BSS) layer and the technology plane for user and service provisioning.

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Multiservice Proxy

As an integral part of smart network Ericsson Multiservice Proxy is a multi-purpose, multi-technology network node that enables operators to meet their three priorities in relation to the data traffic explosion: differentiation, control and monetization.

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